A Day Shark Fishing

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( 8 Hour long fishing excursion, of these 8 hours you are guaranteed 6 hours of fishing time) 

We will meet you at the Dover dock, where we will board our boat to explore the sea for the Porbeagle and Blue sharks. 

We supply all the tackle, bait required for this exciting day out on the water, however if you wish to fly fish for shark, you will have to bring your own fly gear. 


 The Shark Fishing Company takes great pride in the care, handling, and conservation of these sharks. This is catch and release fishing experience and we do our utmost to ensure these magnificent animals are released in good health. Our commitment to conservation goes even further then sound release practices, we work closely with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans to gather basic science information on these species including a tagging program that aids DFO scientists to better understand these important top marine predators. All sharks are caught on a catch and release basis and will be only taken onboard for pictures and then returned to the sea unharmed. 

Blue Shark fishing charters boast 40 years of fishing experience and  a 90 percent shark catch rate!!! Its also not uncommon to catch multiple Big sharks a day. Other sights that may be encountered during your day on the water include, Ice bergs, whales, seals, sea birds and other incredible marine life.

This is a full day adventure and you should prepare accordingly. Summer weather conditions in northeastern Newfoundland can be quite pleasant but can also quickly change. We recommend layering clothing so you can adjust to changing conditions. An outer layer that is wind/waterproof matched with a warm sweater is ideal. Gloves, hat, sunglasses, and sunblock are also recommended. Remember, it is usually colder out on the water then on land! Bring snacks and a lunch for the day as well as any prescription medication that you may need during the day. If you are prone to seasickness take your preferred motion sickness medication before departure and bring additional doses for the day. Personal floatation devices are provided.


The Shark Fishing Company strongly believes that the safety and enjoyment of you, our guest, is our greatest priority. While we can never guarantee that you will hook and land a shark (that is why it is called fishing not catching!) we can guarantee a safe, professional, and most of all, enjoyable experience. The memories and retelling are the best part of every fish story!

Maximum 3 anglers per trip

Duration : 8 hours

Catch and release shark fishing experience.

Price: $650 CAD for the day, max 3 people 

About Me

My name is Bryan Oram, I grew up in the fishing industry with a love of the outdoors, hunting and fishing inbred into my soul. 

In XXX year I began fishing for sharks.............


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